Green Party Endorses Detroit Candidates

Green Party Endorses Detroit Candidates

Wayne County Greens support Mayoral, Clerk, and City Council Candidates

Wayne County, Michigan

On Tuesday, June 13th, the Wayne County Green Party officially endorsed the candidacies of Detroit Mayoral candidate, Ingrid LaFleur; City Clerk candidate, D. Etta Wilcoxon; City Council candidate for the 1st District, James Eberheart Jr; City Council candidate for the 7th District, Joanna Underwood; and City Council At Large candidate Beverly Kindle-Walker.

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What is Our Movement?

Counterpunch has an article worth reading. I’m not entirely clear on why the author insists on a secondary role for what he identifies as identity politics, but the assertion is there. It’s worth discussing.

I certainly agree we should direct our energies to a few fundamental issues, rather than protesting every single day about Trump’s latest outrage. Further, we should look very hard for ways to make our demands on those issues effective. What the article recommends is pretty much the opposite of the “Indivisible” approach, which does indeed focus almost entirely on mass lobbying; i.e., pressuring rather than challenging elected officials. Continue reading