Michigan’s Cap on Net Metering

Net metering is the cheapest way for anyone to install solar panels on their house. Net metering means that, whenever the solar panels are producing more power than the house is using, the excess electricity is fed into the local energy distribution grid, and the meter on that house runs in reverse during that time.

It’s great for the individual owner, because the owner not only uses electricity produced without paying the electric company for it but also gets credit for any surplus electricity produced. The owner does not need to provide batteries or any sort of storage for electricity proc=duced during the daytime in order to have electricity at night. At night, the house simply uses electricity off of the grid, exactly like houses without solar panels. Continue reading

APR 23 Collect Signatures For Anita Belle

IMG_3788Join fellow Green Party of Michigan members as we gather nominating petition signatures for Anita Belle. We will meet at Cobo Center for the NAACP 62nd annual Fight For Freedom Fund dinner. Anita is the Group Leader of the Detroit Green Party and is running for mayor of Detroit.


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