Kermit Is Wrong – Being Green Is Easy!

I am pretty sure anybody reading this is familiar with Kermit The Frog and his theme song, “It Ain’t Easy Being Green.”

Frog has it wrong! Being a Green candidate is easy – because we answer to YOU, the voters. We are here to put the political power back in the hands of the people, where the very first words of the Michigan Constitution tells us it belongs:

“All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal benefit, security, and protection.” Art 1 Sec 1

Being Green is easy because we are not going to make a bunch of promises that we KNOW we cannot keep. Being Green is easy because we do not have to remember what we told which group of people or PAC when we were trying to get their money! Being Green in office will be easy, because we are not going to spend any of our time “dialing for dollars” and trying to raise PAC and Corporate money – No, you put me in Lansing and I am going to do the work you sent me there to do. Green candidates will not be wasting time, and your tax dollars, taking lobbyists phone calls or going out to dinner with some PAC representative trying to sway our votes.

Nope, you put a Green like me in office and you will get your money’s worth. Send me to Lansing and I will work hard – you will not see me spending the whole two years campaigning for the next election. I want to let my efforts do the talking for me. At the end of two years if you think I did a good job, then re-hire me. Easy-peasy!

One of my campaign goals, and I know I have this in common with all the other 32 Green Party candidates in Michigan as well as Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, is that I (we) want to be the type of representative that you are PROUD of.

Might not be easy being a Green Frog, but being a Green Party Candidate is just grrrrr-eat! (to quote another cultural icon!)

I had a little fun with this subject here: Being a Green is Easy.



Address to WSU Board of Governors 9/23

(author – Fran Shor; posted by Art Myatt)

Thank you for the opportunity to address this body. My name is Francis Shor and I am an Emeritus Professor in History at WSU. During my forty years as a faculty member here, I believe I only addressed the Board once – in 2007 when it was considering eliminating the special degree-granting program for working adults in which I taught. Unfortunately, the Board ratified, by a 6-2 vote, the very shortsighted proposal of the Administration. In the immediate aftermath, the university began losing students, ours included, and became a less accessible institution of higher learning for working adults and, also, African-Americans who had constituted a majority of students in our program and who we graduated at a much higher percentage than their younger cohorts in the traditional undergraduate programs at WSU.

However, I am not here to rehash an old mistake, but to address what is potentially a new mistake, albeit on the surface not as consequential. Continue reading

Why Jill Stein Has My Vote

Jill Event 1

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the event mentioned in the image above. Two highlights for the day – accidentally got to met Green Party VP Candidate Ajamu Braka back stage when I went out to get some stuff out of the car and we got to hear Jill Stein’s stump speech live and direct.

Some people will vote for Jill because of her New Green Deal plan which involves a massive national effort a la FDR’s New Deal in which we will not only make a massive shift toward renewable energy in the US, but also employ lots of people doing so. Sure, I like that.

Some people will vote for Jill because she believe WATER IS A HUMAN right and she will do everything in her power to protect and preserve what we have as well as make fresh, safe drinking water available to everyone. Yup, I gotta agree with this.

Others find her plan to slash military spending in half and use that money to help forgive student debt and pay for college tuition for those who want to attend college. That is certainly an admirable position.

Those people who have been crushed by medical debt will not doubt support her promise to provide single payer health care – health insurance for ALL – to the only developed nation on the planet that does not year have it. I can get behind this since I am still paying for cancer treatment I received in 2012.

Jill n Ajamu

Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka in Detroit.

Her promise to end our failed War on Drugs will no doubt resonate with thousands of people from all walks of life and all political persuasions. Works for me.

Her rejection of Political Action Committee bucks and her refusal to take Corporate Money in her campaign speaks volumes to Bernie Sanders supporters and to anyone smart enough to decry the ridiculous influence of money in politics. Amen, sister!

PAc Free

All Green Party Candidates are PAC Free!

All of those reasons are great. Jill’s vision that ALL of us are interconnected and of equal importance is music to my ears. Speaking of music – now we are getting to the one thing Jill did in Detroit that sealed my vote – She jammed on the congas with a stage full of Detroit’s most talented musicians.

Way to go Jill – you got me!

Click Here to See Jill Play the Congas!

Conga Jill 1

Meet Sherry A Wells – Green Party Candidate for State Board of Education

Sherry Collage

Here is some good news for the entire state of Michigan – we can all cast a vote for Sherry A. Wells to be on the State Board of Education.

If ever there was someone who understands and lives the Four Pillars of the Green Party, it is Sherry A Wells.

If ever there was someone who has given years of volunteer service to countless organizations to help make Michigan and the world in general a better place, that person would have to be Sherry A Wells. (I would list her various involvements here, but you might think I was exaggerating .)

She has been well educated in Michigan – Sherry earned a BA in K-8 Education from MSU and topped that off with a Law Degree from Wayne State.

You take a closer look at Sherry here on her Facebook page.

If ever there was someone who BELONGS on the Michigan Board of Education – it is Sherry A Wells. Please support her campaign and tell ALL of your friends who share a concern for the direction of education in Michigan to vote for her as well.

Jill Stein is NOT anti-vaccine use.


Having encountered this rumor from a college student, I thought we might address here.

Rather than argue the point, I will refer readers to They are certainly non-partisan when it comes to de-bunking or proving internet “truths” such as this one.

Snopes gives it a “False”. They even went so far as to contact Dr. Stein via Twitter and Jill answered with this: “As a medical doctor of course I support vaccinations. I have a problem with the FDA being controlled by drug companies.”

Here is the Snopes like so you can read it yourself: Jill Stein on Vaccines

Forfeiting the Future at Wayne State and other Michigan Public Universities

Fran Shor

In 2007 the Wayne State Board of Governors (BoG), at the behest of a shortsighted Administration, terminated the one department at WSU dedicated to an “open admissions” policy for working adults wishing to pursue a degree. Of the six Democrats on the BoG, four of them (including one white male union official), as well as the two Republicans, voted with the Administration, ending an internationally recognized program that began in 1973.

This disastrous decision not only shut off welcoming access to WSU for working adults, but also added to the downward spiral of student enrollment. Moreover, given WSU’s notoriously poor graduation rate for African-American students, to end a department that graduated African-American working adult students (majority women) at a much higher percentage seemed prejudicial and perverse. Also, at a time when there was a growing demand for a more educated work force, such a move seemed especially blinkered. Continue reading

Four Reasons To Vote Green Party In Michigan

Green Party 5

Why should I vote for the Green Party candidates in Michigan?

Here are four answers to that question based on the Four Pillars of the Green Party. The 4 Pillars form the foundation of the Green Party around the world, but here we are going to apply them specifically to Michigan.

  1. Ecological Wisdom – Michigan is surrounded by the most vital natural resource on the planet: Fresh Water! Sometimes I think because we live between lakes containing billions of gallons of it, we take it for granted. To our peril! Our water is being threatened every day by the interests of Big Oil and Big Business. Consider pipeline #5 under the Straits or the Nestle Water deal. Green candidates are immune to the pressure of Big Money because we cannot accept money from PACs (Political Action Committees). Period.
  2.  Social Justice – equal rights, equal access, fair treatment, and freedom from oppression for everyone is not only a pillar of the Green Party, but these ideals form the very bedrock of the Michigan Constitution. Consider the opening words: “All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal benefit, security, and protection.” Article 1, Section 1. Those are the opening two sentences of the Constitution. They also apply to pillar 3.
  3. Grassroots Democracy – we, the PEOPLE of Michigan are supposed to control and benefit equally from the workings of our government. (re-read Art 1 Sec 1 – I would suggest we all memorize it!) Right now our state is reeling because it is under the control of the very wealthy and/or the Political Action Committees they control. One family spends millions to influence races and policies. That is why the will of the people is ignored when it comes to things like gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana, public school funding, and even the paving of roads.
  4. Non-violence – while recognizing the right of self defense. No one is coming for your guns, but at the same time Greens promote nonviolent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree, and guide our actions toward lasting community and global peace.

In short, Green Party candidates want to restore political power and the benefits of government to ALL the people who live in Michigan and take political power away from the rich, the huge Corporations, and the PACs financed by them.

Here is a list of the candidates of the Green Party, including national, state, and county seats.