Demonizing the Green Party Vote

by Fran Shor; posted by Art Myatt
Third parties, especially during presidential election years, are subjected to a variety of criticisms from supporters of the candidates of the duopoly and their corporate media enablers. The level of virulent denunciation in 2016 of the Green Party’s presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, by Democrats and partisans of Hillary Clinton may be a reflection of how paranoid they have become over the thought that a misogynistic and xenophobic white nationalist like Donald Trump might actually win the election. Although that is highly doubtful, especially given the demographics, the Greens have become, nonetheless, a target to be browbeaten and censured. Continue reading


The Sower’s Way

There are huge problems trying to understand a transition to sustainable energy in terms of politics. Who is for; who is against; what corporate business models would it screw up? Oh, Jobs! Oh, Economy! Not in this election, because THIS election is CRITICAL! We have more IMMEDIATE problems to deal with!

That’s why the Green Party candidate for President is the only candidate trying to make this an issue in the election. The other candidates, supported wholeheartedly by the corporate press, ignore, evade and dismiss the issue or occasionally make rhetorical gestures not substantiated by actual policy.

Essentially, there is so much BS on the subject that trying to approach it from a political angle is like Grant’s army trying to approach Vicksburg by wading through swamps. It’s a hopeless task. We had better find another route. Continue reading

Predicting the 2016 Election

First, a disclaimer. While this essay is published on the Green Party of Michigan blog, this is strictly my own personal opinion and does not represent a position of GPMI. It might provoke some discussion in the comments, and that might be a good thing.

My prediction is that in November, someone will win the presidency with the support, as counted by votes, of 25-30% of the eligible voters. It’s phrased that way because a good number of voters will be unenthusiastic about casting a vote for whoever they consider the lesser of two evils. “Support” is actually too strong a word to describe all of those who will vote for Trump or Hillary.

70-75% of us will be disappointed the moment the results are announced, and a good portion of the 25-30% will be disappointed in a year or two. That’s because while there are lots of legitimate reasons for voting for or against presidential candidates, neither of the ‘mainstream’ candidates will actually succeed in carrying out their promises of economic prosperity. Continue reading

Why Jill Stein Has My Vote

Jill Event 1

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the event mentioned in the image above. Two highlights for the day – accidentally got to met Green Party VP Candidate Ajamu Braka back stage when I went out to get some stuff out of the car and we got to hear Jill Stein’s stump speech live and direct.

Some people will vote for Jill because of her New Green Deal plan which involves a massive national effort a la FDR’s New Deal in which we will not only make a massive shift toward renewable energy in the US, but also employ lots of people doing so. Sure, I like that.

Some people will vote for Jill because she believe WATER IS A HUMAN right and she will do everything in her power to protect and preserve what we have as well as make fresh, safe drinking water available to everyone. Yup, I gotta agree with this.

Others find her plan to slash military spending in half and use that money to help forgive student debt and pay for college tuition for those who want to attend college. That is certainly an admirable position.

Those people who have been crushed by medical debt will not doubt support her promise to provide single payer health care – health insurance for ALL – to the only developed nation on the planet that does not year have it. I can get behind this since I am still paying for cancer treatment I received in 2012.

Jill n Ajamu

Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka in Detroit.

Her promise to end our failed War on Drugs will no doubt resonate with thousands of people from all walks of life and all political persuasions. Works for me.

Her rejection of Political Action Committee bucks and her refusal to take Corporate Money in her campaign speaks volumes to Bernie Sanders supporters and to anyone smart enough to decry the ridiculous influence of money in politics. Amen, sister!

PAc Free

All Green Party Candidates are PAC Free!

All of those reasons are great. Jill’s vision that ALL of us are interconnected and of equal importance is music to my ears. Speaking of music – now we are getting to the one thing Jill did in Detroit that sealed my vote – She jammed on the congas with a stage full of Detroit’s most talented musicians.

Way to go Jill – you got me!

Click Here to See Jill Play the Congas!

Conga Jill 1

The Green Way Forward

Disclaimer: These words are written to myself as well as my fellow Greens.

Warning: It could get a little sappy in the next paragraph or three.

Green Hope 1

Election Day is right around the corner. Things are heating up even hotter than in previous weeks. I am writing this to encourage all of us Green Folk to take the high road in our daily conversations and especially on social media.

Rather than sharing the latest meme that PROVES what a bombastic liar he is or DEMONSTRATES what an election stealer she is, we need to concentrate our efforts on making sure people know that there is an alternative.

We need to show them The Green Way Forward.

I remind myself of this, and encourage you to do the same, for two reasons. One is practical and one is a little more on the mystical side. On the hippy-dippy side, we need to be the sunshine in these dark times. There are enough people spreading enough blood-pressure raising hoo hah when it comes to politics. We need to rise above the temptation to share the latest piece of news PROVING how screwed up our political system is – be it on a national, state, or even local level. Instead, we need to keep beating the drum that there is a better way – a more inclusive, power-to-the-people way: The Green Way Forward.

On a practical level – do we really thing ANYTHING we say or post or re-post is going to convince the hard core Donkeys or Elephants to change? Ain’t gonna happen. If they cannot see the handwriting on the wall at this point, for us to keep pointing it out really boils down to Preaching To The Choir. (Remember, I am directing this at myself first – I love sharing evidence at how broken Michigan politics are. By writing this piece, I am going to have to shape up my own game or be held accountable – hoisted by my own petard as it were.)

So, how about for the last 60 days or so leading to Election Day we pour on the Positive Message the Green Party has to offer. If you see an article you would be tempted to share to PROVE (y)our point, maybe just post something in the comments about how Green candidates would turn that situation around. How the Green Way Forward is unlike anything we experience in politics today. Let’s get all ju-jitsu up in there and take the negative energy of those kinds of news reports or posts and toss them over our hips with a thrust of positive force and turn that negative energy into The Green Way Forward.

Jill Stein is NOT anti-vaccine use.


Having encountered this rumor from a college student, I thought we might address here.

Rather than argue the point, I will refer readers to They are certainly non-partisan when it comes to de-bunking or proving internet “truths” such as this one.

Snopes gives it a “False”. They even went so far as to contact Dr. Stein via Twitter and Jill answered with this: “As a medical doctor of course I support vaccinations. I have a problem with the FDA being controlled by drug companies.”

Here is the Snopes like so you can read it yourself: Jill Stein on Vaccines

Jill Stein Is Coming To Michigan – Saturday September 3rd


This is great news for all 32 of the Green Party candidates around the Mitten. The Top Of The Ticket is coming to town. We need YOU to help us welcome her to Michigan with a full house. There will be some music and a chance to meet Greens from all over the state – plus, we can hear Jill speak LIVE AND DIRECT.


Jill Event 1

Register for the event here: JOIN JILL IN DETROIT.

PAc Free