NC Election 2017

This page is the “Voters’ Guide” for the election of Delegates and Alternates to represent the Green Party of Michigan on the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States. It is modeled after the Voters’ Guides published by the League of Women Voters (LWV) for each partisan general election. The basic rule is a limit of 300 words of text for each candidate. The LWV will cut off a longer statement after exactly 300 words, and this voters’ guide does the same. 

Several updates have been added on July 1.

Joshua Arnold

I joined the Green Party in January of 2017.

I ran as an Independent for U.S. Representative for MI’s 2nd congressional district in 2016 in support of Sanders. But after he endorsed Clinton, I supported Stein and Baraka, and suspended my campaign and endorsed the Green Party candidate for my district, Matthew Brady. After doing more research, I wish I would have supported Stein and the Greens all along.

Having no funds, but knowing we had to do something and being inspired by the power of social media to bring about the Arab Spring, I ran my campaign online. I have been advocating for the Green Party now since July of 2016. I started from nothing, and now, according to the metrics FaceBook keeps track of, I get about 2,400 engagements a month. My social media campaign was so effective that the Democratic candidate for MI’s 3rd congressional district, Douglas Smith, asked me to run his against Justin Amash (I declined; I wanted to help the Green Party). After many conversations with Brady, he said he would endorse me were I to decide to run on the Green ticket in 2018.

I am excited to be a part of the Green Party and to help destroy the two parties. Brody Mac and I began a local Green Party chapter for Oceana, Muskegon, and Ottawa counties and I attended meetings with the GR chapter.

I’d like to be a national delegate to further help us to accomplish our goals of social justice, grassroots democracy, and peace. I also have a heart for education and strongly support the Green Party’s platform on public education.

I look forward to years of helping the party grow and doing what I can to make a difference in this world for us and our children.

Veda Balla

I was born in Flint, Michigan and have lived my entire life in the state.  My father was born and raised in Michigan and my mother was transplant from Missouri.

I graduated from both Mott Community College and the University of Michigan-Flint. I also have some credits from Wayne State University, Oakland University and Wayne County Community College.

I have worked in many fields, but, retired as an educator, directing a federal program. I was also a small business owner and am the president/founder of a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

I joined the Green Party in the spring of 2016 and ran for Genesee County Commissioner that fall, receiving 13.5% of the vote.

I was drawn to the Green Party because my beliefs are akin to our 4 pillars.

I have one daughter who resides in Grand Blanc, Michigan and one grandson who is severely autistic, making me very aware of the needs of our special populations.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anita Belle – wishes to serve as alternate only

Information provided by Sherry A Wells:

Anita Belle is a Detroiter, educated in Detroit and at Wayne State University. She practiced law–suing the CIA for the drugs in black communities–and substitute teaches. She focuses her volunteer efforts on fighting for people of African descent to receive reparations, not only for slavery, but for all the damage, including genocide, drugs and prisons. She is the female co-chair for the Detroit Chapter of NCOBRA, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, and a member of that board of directors.

She joined the Green Party because it is the only party with Reparations in its platform. She is currently Group Leader of the Detroit Greens. In 2013, she eye-witnessed voting machines tabulating more votes than there were ballot stubs or voters in the poll book. Her research revealed that vacant houses owned by the Detroit Land Bank were used as addresses for deceased voters and nonresidents to cast absentee ballots. She participated in City Clerk candidate D. Etta Wilcoxon’s recount and inspection of documents released after a FOIA request. She was a site supervisor with Jill Stein’s Michigan Recount attempt. She is co-chairing the Voting Justice conference to be July 22. She will attend the national annual meeting in July. She would be most appropriate for the Diversity Committee. See

She is a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and auntie.


Mitchell Bonga

Edited by Art Myatt to fit the 300-word limit.

I’m a 19 year old studying political science at Wayne State University in Detroit. I have had a strong interest in politics my entire life, with the Obama campaign in 2008 being one of the first campaigns that caught my interest.

I became involved in campaigns when Bernie Sanders announced his presidential run, whom I had admired for years prior. I worked on the Anil Kumar campaign in the summer of 2016 in Michigan’s 11th congressional district, where I was an intern that focused on organizing.

Following the Sanders defeat, I searched for progressive alternatives to the Democrats and discovered the Green Party platform on its national website. The ideas championed by the Green Party convinced me that we needed a viable progressive third party that would actually represent their constituents, not just their campaign donors.

I registered as a member of the Green Party of Michigan in August of 2016. The Wayne State University College Greens have only been active for a year. Some of our accomplishments include hosting Ajamu Baraka during the election, distributing information on campus, and holding rallies and protests with various student organizations on campus throughout the year to touch on issues such as autism acceptance and gender issues.

I believe it is important to have a strong youth presence in the party and I would work to try to inspire more youth to get involved with the Green Party through the establishment of more college based locals. as many in my generation are tired of politics as usual and have a strong desire for something different. The youth are the future of our nation and I believe it will be this demographic that will help lead the Green Party to success in the future. I look forward to representing our state.


Linda Bradley

I lived my entire life in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, between my mother’s Calhoun County farm, and my father’s in rural Barry County. I took the 20 year plan in college, graduating from GVSU with a B.S. in Biology, minoring in Elementary education. My career has been in the non-profit sector from animal welfare to family support. I work as an analyst for a nutrition company in West Michigan. My greatest joy is my family–I have the honor to be the mother of three grown children and the grandmother to three beautiful boys.

I have always been politically active, but never joined a political party until 2016, when it was necessary to vote for Sanders delegates to the DNC. Years before the convention, it was evident that the Democratic Party was no longer representing the will of the people or working to protect the Earth, but serving corporate interests. I volunteered for Sander’s campaign because I felt Senator Sanders was the last chance for the people to regain power from the corporatists.

After the corporate coup in Philadelphia, I met with the local chapter of the Socialist Alternative in Grand Rapids, where we discussed endorsing Dr. Jill Stein. I had been following the Stein campaign and the Green Party and resolved to only spend my efforts working towards real solutions, which was already in place with the Green Party. I spent the balance of the election season volunteering for Stein/Baraka.

Everything the Greens represent aligns with what I believe and what I hoped for given the momentum of the Sander’s campaign. We need to grow a  strong party that works truly for justice and protection for current and future generations. I want to be a part of that, to bring hope and power back to the masses.

Douglas Campbell

My Philosophy:

Focus on influencing the outcome of elections, legislation & regulation.  Avoid activities that don’t.

About the Green National Committee:

Other than adopting a budget that enables the national party to hire people and maintain an office & website, the national committee does essentially nothing of value.  (the national party and the national committee are two completely different things, much like the federal government and the US Congress are two completely different things)  Mostly, it just rubber-stamps proposals without substantial discussion, not even insisting that errors be corrected.  Unlike the US Congress, neither individual delegates nor blocs of delegates are empowered to initiate proposals.  There are about 380 names on the mailing list, about 150 delegates, 150 alternates and the remainder observers.(see for results)

My Agenda:

Continue to practice, and advocate for, a high degree of professionalism.  Eliminate as much unproductive, redundant busywork and micromanagement as possible.  Transfer work and decisions from the 300-member national committee to small, focused working subcommittees whenever possible.  Empower delegates to initiate proposals.  Continue to speak up when proposals contain errors, inconsistencies or unclear language, and vote “no” if uncorrected when they go to a vote.  Continue to vote “no” on purely-internal proposals that have no influence on the outside world.  Continue to advocate for a telecommunication method that’s less primitive and more effective than the current plain-text, avalanche-format e-mail list.


2000 Campaign coordinator, Nader/LaDuke 2000, Wayne, Oakland & Macomb counties2002, 2006 Candidate, governor2008-2012 Candidate, US House2012-current (approximate)  GPUS national, platform committees

Contact info:

Stuart Collis

In 2016, I was elected to the position of the Ypsilanti Township Park Commission. In 2017, the Park Commissioners elected me as the Chair of the Commission. In October, 2016, I was the opening/introductory speaker at the rally for Jill Stein at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti and at the end of 2016, I was elected as the Chair for the Huron Valley Green Party (recently renamed the Washtenaw County Green Party).

I have been an attorney for 21 years. In that time, I have been a speaker and moderator for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education. I also have worked in various district courts from the late 1990s in small claims mediation. On April 5, 2009, I completed the Michigan State Court Administrator’s requirements to be appointed as a civil court mediator. On October 16, 2016, I completed the Michigan State Court Administrator’s requirements to be appointed as a domestic court mediator. I have been appointed by Oakland County and Jackson County Circuit Courts to handle domestic and probate mediation. I also appear on the court mediator lists for civil and domestic mediation in Wayne, Oakland, Livingston, Jackson, Lenawee, Monroe, and Washtenaw County.

I am probably best suited for the Dispute Resolution Committee at this juncture.

Joseph Jordan

My name is Joseph Jordan and I am seeking appointment as one of the representatives (delegate or alternate) to the GPUS in the upcoming appointment election. I have been a member of the Green Party of Michigan since 2014, and have served on the SCC since 2016. I have previously held the state office of Locals Liaison, where we saw considerable growth and activity during my tenure, and I was recently elected as the Meetings Manager at the Kalamazoo SMM.

I’m interested in making a difference. In 2014, I volunteered for Paul Homeniuk’s campaign. I was displeased with the Democrats nominee, and I sought a candidate I could trust. Paul gave me hope that politicians could represent main street values, and I volunteered for his campaign (I served as his social media director, where I created a facebook account that help spread the message of his campaign and the party). Because of him, I discovered the Green Party of Michigan, and I feel blessed to be part of an organization that represents my values and the values of progress.

If elected, I will an active participant, and I feel that I will be able to represent our state as well as anyone else. As a younger candidate, I believe that I can help bring millennials into the party, ensuring growth and the continuance of our values. I believe that it is important for younger members to see the possibility of having an active role in the party. I hope that my candidacy will encourage future involvement of younger members.

If elected, I am interested in serving on the International Committee.

Jessica McCallie-Arquette – wishes to serve as alternate only

Edited by Art Myatt and Sherry A Wells to reach the 300-word limit:

I was born in Flint and lived all over Michigan and the US. I attended Ferris State University and worked 15+ years in the medical laboratory industry until I started a family 13 years ago. I now live with my husband and daughter in Big Rapids. I have been employed for 12 years at a family-owned downtown pub.

My political involvement began years ago with a cancer scare in the family. I researched Monsanto. That led to a spiral of awareness about corporate control and policymaking.

My passion stems from my becoming very ill with debilitating stomach pain and perpetual nausea. I removed all pesticide-laden food in our pantry to prevent cancer in my family; my own suffering quickly ceased.

I regularly contacted representatives about GMO’s, glyphosate, bees, etc. I joined our local Grange–an organization of rural farm families, who were duped to use GMO seed. I attended my first demonstration – March Against Monsanto in D.C. – which was my first exposure to the Green Party.

I jumped aboard “Feel The Bern” the moment Bernie announced for the presidency. I endured the full effects of corrupt Democratic Party actions through the primaries. I spent a week in the streets of Philadelphia during the DNC convention and had the pleasure of meeting Jill Stein and LuAnne Kozma, I decided to DemExit by joining the Michigan Green Party that August.

I plan to spend the summer supporting Camp Promise of Flint water protectors and fighting Enbridge line 5. With a group of water protectors, I attended the 200,000+ strong People’s Climate March in D.C. (loud and proud) representing MI Greens! I recently began collecting ban fracking petition signatures.

I want to join the Eco-Action committee to assist toward a Green Revolution.

Lou Novak

I first became politically active in the 2000 elections when I volunteered to collect signatures to put the Green Party of Michigan and Ralph Nader on the ballot. I was a founding member of the Detroit Green Party local in 2002. We have been meeting regularly in Detroit and the surrounding region since then.

I am also a founding member of the Wayne County Green Party political committee, which has held county caucuses and nominated and supported Green candidates for almost 10 years.

I have held a few officer positions in the Green Party of Michigan over the years including Meeting Manager, Treasurer and National Delegate and most recently, Merchandise/Office Manager. While I have always executed the duties of the office, as Treasurer I failed to file properly with the State of MI and subjected the party to numerous fines, most of which was paid for by the party, some of which was paid by myself. This was done with the full knowledge of the membership of GPMI and continued until another Treasurer was elected.

I was a co-plaintiff along with Dr Jill Stein in the call for a recount of the 2016 Presidential election., Before being shut down by the courts, multiple instances of violations of our electoral laws and policies were discovered.

I have a long history and wide experience in the Green Party. I wish to continue serving the party on the local, state and national levels. I am able to afford to travel to our Annual National Meetings and GPUS Nominating Conventions. I want to maintain my positions on the Eco-Action and Platform committees of GPUS.

I ask that you please cast a vote for Louis Novak for GPMI National Delegate.

Thank you.

Zontise Springer

As of June 30, Zontise has withdrawn from consideration for this position. It was too late to be removed from the ballot, so she will resign if elected.

Information provided by LuAnne Kozma:

Zontise was instrumental in the Jill Stein campaign, assisting with both the event in Detroit (collecting hundreds of dollars of donations for Jill and signing up campaign volunteers) and the events in Detroit and Ypsilanti with the October Jill rallies, and the Ajamu Baraka event at Wayne State University.

Added by Sherry A Wells:

She is an officer in the Wayne County Greens Local.