What is Neoliberalism?

Watching the video will be an hour well spent.

George, in the Q & A session, starts around 51 minutes:

“…and this is also a problem for Marxism. Keynes has absolutely nothing to say about the environmental crisis, which is the biggest crisis – by far – that we confront. The Keynesian fiscal stimulus accelerates the environmental crisis. Under the Keynesian vision, just as under the neoliberal vision, salvation is indistinguishable from catastrophe. Everything that is good economically is bad environmentally because you are stimulating economic growth which is the fundamental driver of environmental destruction.”

At a little over an hour, he gets into discussing the European Green Parties, and how difficult it is to distinguish their approach from that of other leftish parties. It’s something we should no doubt be working on.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Organizing

Written by Jane Slaughter
Posted here by Art Myatt
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Dear Labor for Bernie supporter,

One of the main issues in Bernie’s campaign was to oppose the TPP—the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It’s even worse than NAFTA. TPP would give corporations in the 12 member countries (Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.) the right to sue the U.S. government any time a law or regulation interfered with its “right” to make a profit.

Here’s an example: Already under NAFTA the Canadian company Enbridge is suing because President Obama turned down the XL pipeline, and poor Enbridge lost its hoped-for future profits. The TPP gives new tools to corporations to attack any controls on them that we have fought for and won over the last century. Why would we be for such a law? Continue reading