Green Party Endorses Detroit Candidates

Green Party Endorses Detroit Candidates

Wayne County Greens support Mayoral, Clerk, and City Council Candidates

Wayne County, Michigan

On Tuesday, June 13th, the Wayne County Green Party officially endorsed the candidacies of Detroit Mayoral candidate, Ingrid LaFleur; City Clerk candidate, D. Etta Wilcoxon; City Council candidate for the 1st District, James Eberheart Jr; City Council candidate for the 7th District, Joanna Underwood; and City Council At Large candidate Beverly Kindle-Walker.

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March State Membership Meeting

March 25-26, 2017
First Baptist Church of Kalamazoo, 315 W. Michigan Ave. – 269-345-2195
Free parking at meters on weekend, enter front door.
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February Newsletter


Greens growing across Michigan!

Editor’s Note

By Fred Vitale

Welcome to all the new locals formed in the past few months – Oakland County Greens, Vehicle City Greens, Wayne County Greens, West Michigan Green Party! Revitalized locals: Detroit, Washtenaw County and Up North with elections of new officers and welcomes to new members!

Survey Results

We conducted a survey of Green Party members.  133 of you responded.

The first question we asked was: What issues you wanted the Green Party to focus on in 2017?  The chart below shows your responses from the highest to the lowest number. Continue reading

Base-Building for a stronger Green Party of Michigan



Currently, the Green Party of Michigan has the foremost, best-developed political ideas of any party in the entire state. Our party has a comprehensive platform to stand upon; our values uniquely identified through the Four Pillars and Ten Key Values; our shared vision providing a firm footing for our policy positions and unifying us, both in principle and in political spirit. Without a doubt, the GP-MI has made great advancements in the past year and there are positive signals that this trend of progress will continue.

Despite our successes, we still have much work to do. In order for an organization to become effective and competitive in serious campaigns, it must have power behind its actions. The clear reality is that we do not have an appropriate amount of power behind our actions at this time. Until we build such power, we are unlikely to experience substantial changes in the results of our elections. Continue reading

Public Schools and State Spending

On Sunday, January 29, 2017, The Detroit Free Press ran a long article about public schools written by Nancy Kaffer. I agree with almost all of the points she makes. It’s well worth reading the whole thing, and studying the map of schools which the State Reform Office has said should, according to their performance standard, be closed. Here are a few pithy excerpts from the article:

“… the state’s failure to make the city’s schools right — yeah, this one is on the state, which created the charter system and has run Detroit’s public schools for most of this century — is the biggest stumbling block in Detroit’s still-tenuous recovery …”

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Recount – Just One Point

The Detroit Free Press, on November 29, 2016, ran a story about the cost of the recount. In it various state officials express concern over the possible cost to taxpayers. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, in this story, estimated the cost as $1.8 million, only half of which would be covered by the filing fee Jill Stein paid. She has since gone on to inflate that figure to $4 million.

A variety of public figures have thrown out their personal wild guesses of the cost; $4 million, $8 million, $12 million, who knows? Since none of them will be held responsible for the accuracy of their figure, any number they pull out of their back pocket is apparently good. Continue reading

The Flint Water Crisis

The Flint Water Crisis is still ongoing, and is a shameful stain on our state.  In January 2016, I decided to research the crisis and create a documentary for my radio show The Offensive Feminist with Jenny K.  My initial thought of a 15 minute video slowly turned into just over an hour’s worth of information.  Little did I realize when I started looking into this crisis the depth of public information that shows not only that our government knew Flint’s treatment plant could not properly treat water, but that it was spelled out as early as 2009 in the initial planning report of the KWA pipeline.  Both Republicans and Democrats have blood on their hands in Flint.  Please watch, share, and help end the misinformation still being spread and reported about the Flint Water Crisis.  The people of Flint still need our help.

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White House petititon to provide citizenship to all undocumented people living in Flint since the Crisis began

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In solidarity,

Jenny K

Jennifer V. Kurland