Green Party Endorses Detroit Candidates

Green Party Endorses Detroit Candidates

Wayne County Greens support Mayoral, Clerk, and City Council Candidates

Wayne County, Michigan

On Tuesday, June 13th, the Wayne County Green Party officially endorsed the candidacies of Detroit Mayoral candidate, Ingrid LaFleur; City Clerk candidate, D. Etta Wilcoxon; City Council candidate for the 1st District, James Eberheart Jr; City Council candidate for the 7th District, Joanna Underwood; and City Council At Large candidate Beverly Kindle-Walker.

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The Flint Water Crisis

The Flint Water Crisis is still ongoing, and is a shameful stain on our state.  In January 2016, I decided to research the crisis and create a documentary for my radio show The Offensive Feminist with Jenny K.  My initial thought of a 15 minute video slowly turned into just over an hour’s worth of information.  Little did I realize when I started looking into this crisis the depth of public information that shows not only that our government knew Flint’s treatment plant could not properly treat water, but that it was spelled out as early as 2009 in the initial planning report of the KWA pipeline.  Both Republicans and Democrats have blood on their hands in Flint.  Please watch, share, and help end the misinformation still being spread and reported about the Flint Water Crisis.  The people of Flint still need our help.

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White House petititon to provide citizenship to all undocumented people living in Flint since the Crisis began

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In solidarity,

Jenny K

Jennifer V. Kurland

What If We Looked For Common Ground With Trump Voters?

Thought for the day: How about we find areas of agreement with Trump supporters?

DISCLAIMER: There is NO way I am suggesting that I or any other Green Party person should tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, or homophobia from the Trump camp. However, I know from experience that they are not all that way.

Please pay me the courtesy of reading this to the end, before you jump on me. Before we go any further, let me share a campaign story with you.

Midway through my campaign for the 86th District, a man and his wife came into my store. They have been customers for many years. He was excited that I was running, had read a lot of my blog posts and literature and went on for several minutes in support of my efforts. They wanted a yard sign and to take extra lit to hand out to their friends. As they were walking out the door they told me how my sign was going right next to their Trump sign.

My initial reaction was stomach turning panic. HOLY CRAP – me, next to Trump. Then my wife reminded me of several news stories we had seen when Bernie was in the race and how Trump and Sanders supporters voiced that they would support the other guy if their first choice was eliminated. It made no sense to me at the time, but I slowed my brain down and realized that there was a lot of common ground to the average person. Both were “outsiders” who did not take Corporate money (at least at first for Trump) and who were saying that the current system sucked.

I have to tell you that in my District, there were several people who voted Trump and voted for me. They do NOT fit the “stereo type” we like to assign Trump voters. I know of at least two women and the two men I know of are not trailer trash with no education. One is a retired guy who LOVES Green energy – he was bragging about his solar panels to me yesterday. The other guy is mid-30’s who works for a tech company and travels the country setting up tracking systems for medical equipment in hospitals.

I have never gotten a racist, misogynistic, or homophobic vibe from either of these guys. Nor do I think they believe we need to wall out Mexicans or ban Muslims.

Anyway, the light bulb went on for me yesterday when the older guy stopped in to congratulate me on getting 3% of the vote. He also shared how he would “sell” me to his friends by talking about Pipeline #5 because a lot of his friends own property on the Big Lake and/or are avid fisherman. Then I alerted him to the plans of Nestle to take MORE water for FREE. He was incensed and vowed to help me get the word out and offered to go with me if there was a public hearing.

What resonates with “Jim” is the fact that a SWISS Corporation with billions in assets is making multiple millions from Michigan’s best resource: Our Water.

Will I stand arm in arm with this Trump voter to stop Nestle? HELL YES!

Will I invite him to protest Pipeline 5? HELL YES!

Will I actively look for other Michigan issues that I think he and I can agree on and work together to get solved? You bet your sweet bippy I will.


Oh – by the way, here is a link to the petition I started to STOP Nestle from taking more than double the amount of water from the two aquifers they are draining. Are YOU willing to sign the same petition that has been signed by some Trump voters? I dare you!

Click here to: Sign the STOP NESTLE PETITION.

The Green Party In Michigan is Growing


Hello – I have some great news to report AND a request to make of you.

NEWS – The Facebook page for the Green Party of Michigan is seeing more and more people taking an interest in it. We have not been hit with an INSANE amount of likes, but each and every day we see more and more people from around the Mitten checking in to see what we are all about.

YES! I love that.

REQUEST TIME – can each of you who have liked the Facebook page send out an invitation to THREE of your friends in Michigan to take a look – invite them to the Facebook page. Let them see the whole new way we offer of engaging in politics for THE PEOPLE.

Time for some Fractal Growth of the Green Party in Michigan!

Thanks for your help and support.

A Green Recruitment Video


Why Jill Stein Has My Vote

Jill Event 1

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the event mentioned in the image above. Two highlights for the day – accidentally got to met Green Party VP Candidate Ajamu Braka back stage when I went out to get some stuff out of the car and we got to hear Jill Stein’s stump speech live and direct.

Some people will vote for Jill because of her New Green Deal plan which involves a massive national effort a la FDR’s New Deal in which we will not only make a massive shift toward renewable energy in the US, but also employ lots of people doing so. Sure, I like that.

Some people will vote for Jill because she believe WATER IS A HUMAN right and she will do everything in her power to protect and preserve what we have as well as make fresh, safe drinking water available to everyone. Yup, I gotta agree with this.

Others find her plan to slash military spending in half and use that money to help forgive student debt and pay for college tuition for those who want to attend college. That is certainly an admirable position.

Those people who have been crushed by medical debt will not doubt support her promise to provide single payer health care – health insurance for ALL – to the only developed nation on the planet that does not year have it. I can get behind this since I am still paying for cancer treatment I received in 2012.

Jill n Ajamu

Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka in Detroit.

Her promise to end our failed War on Drugs will no doubt resonate with thousands of people from all walks of life and all political persuasions. Works for me.

Her rejection of Political Action Committee bucks and her refusal to take Corporate Money in her campaign speaks volumes to Bernie Sanders supporters and to anyone smart enough to decry the ridiculous influence of money in politics. Amen, sister!

PAc Free

All Green Party Candidates are PAC Free!

All of those reasons are great. Jill’s vision that ALL of us are interconnected and of equal importance is music to my ears. Speaking of music – now we are getting to the one thing Jill did in Detroit that sealed my vote – She jammed on the congas with a stage full of Detroit’s most talented musicians.

Way to go Jill – you got me!

Click Here to See Jill Play the Congas!

Conga Jill 1

The Green Way Forward

Disclaimer: These words are written to myself as well as my fellow Greens.

Warning: It could get a little sappy in the next paragraph or three.

Green Hope 1

Election Day is right around the corner. Things are heating up even hotter than in previous weeks. I am writing this to encourage all of us Green Folk to take the high road in our daily conversations and especially on social media.

Rather than sharing the latest meme that PROVES what a bombastic liar he is or DEMONSTRATES what an election stealer she is, we need to concentrate our efforts on making sure people know that there is an alternative.

We need to show them The Green Way Forward.

I remind myself of this, and encourage you to do the same, for two reasons. One is practical and one is a little more on the mystical side. On the hippy-dippy side, we need to be the sunshine in these dark times. There are enough people spreading enough blood-pressure raising hoo hah when it comes to politics. We need to rise above the temptation to share the latest piece of news PROVING how screwed up our political system is – be it on a national, state, or even local level. Instead, we need to keep beating the drum that there is a better way – a more inclusive, power-to-the-people way: The Green Way Forward.

On a practical level – do we really thing ANYTHING we say or post or re-post is going to convince the hard core Donkeys or Elephants to change? Ain’t gonna happen. If they cannot see the handwriting on the wall at this point, for us to keep pointing it out really boils down to Preaching To The Choir. (Remember, I am directing this at myself first – I love sharing evidence at how broken Michigan politics are. By writing this piece, I am going to have to shape up my own game or be held accountable – hoisted by my own petard as it were.)

So, how about for the last 60 days or so leading to Election Day we pour on the Positive Message the Green Party has to offer. If you see an article you would be tempted to share to PROVE (y)our point, maybe just post something in the comments about how Green candidates would turn that situation around. How the Green Way Forward is unlike anything we experience in politics today. Let’s get all ju-jitsu up in there and take the negative energy of those kinds of news reports or posts and toss them over our hips with a thrust of positive force and turn that negative energy into The Green Way Forward.

Meet Ben Nofs Green Party Candidate For 10th District US House

If you live in the 10th District – that would be the Thumb of Michigan – then you should get behind this ball of energy and enthusiasm. Ben blew me away at the State Convention, he got behind the podium and he was ready to rock! He is very informed on many of the most important political issues of the day and he wants to change our government for the good.

Ben 2

You can learn more about Ben by clicking here for his Facebook page: Ben Nofs 

This picture gives you a good idea what it is like for us Green folk running for office who have a job and a family and still want to make a difference in the world. We do our full time jobs, try to spend time with our family and still work on our campaign.

Ben 5

Ben does not have a war chest full of hundreds of  thousands of dollars and as a Green, he is not allowed to take PAC money – so if you are so moved, he has a Go Fund Me page where you can donate.

Ben 1