Recount – Just One Point

The Detroit Free Press, on November 29, 2016, ran a story about the cost of the recount. In it various state officials express concern over the possible cost to taxpayers. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, in this story, estimated the cost as $1.8 million, only half of which would be covered by the filing fee Jill Stein paid. She has since gone on to inflate that figure to $4 million.

A variety of public figures have thrown out their personal wild guesses of the cost; $4 million, $8 million, $12 million, who knows? Since none of them will be held responsible for the accuracy of their figure, any number they pull out of their back pocket is apparently good. Continue reading

more than just the election

By now we have all seen multiple absurd, fantastic and incomprehensible explanations for the recent Presidential election results. There’s been an astounding amount of unsupportable excuses from the losing side and an equally astounding amount of bloviating smugness from the “winners.” One thing that’s clear is that both the Donald and the Hillary were extremely disliked, extremely detached from ordinary Americans and extremely unlikely to change the society or the economy for the better.

I’ve come across a few articles that offer substantial insight into the election. This is one of them:

I roughly agree with this line of analysis. I especially agree with the idea that most people trying to analyze the election are not even familiar with peak oil and therefore do not understand, for instance, why it means the political policies of the New Deal will not restore prosperity to the American economy. Neither will “free trade” as exemplified by a series of trade treaties. Neither will restoration of punitive tariffs as proposed by Trump. Whether you think America was great during Roosevelt’s administration or Reagan’s or Bill Clinton’s, the prosperity that was possible with ample resources for all human needs is simply no longer possible because essential resources are no longer ample. Continue reading

Some Personal Ramblings

On Saturday, November 12, 2016, The Green Party of Michigan held an informal after-election debriefing meeting. In the brainstorming session that made up part of the meeting, one of the things suggested was that testimonials about “Why I joined the Green Party” would be useful for growing the party. Here’s mine.

In February of 1987, my son Tommy, just a month past his 6th birthday, was diagnosed with leukemia. I had been laid off from a very decent job around Thanksgiving of the previous year. My wife Linda was working a rewarding job that did not pay especially well. We thought my unemployment was the main problem my family had. The new reality shocked us into realizing that a period of unemployment is relatively trivial. Continue reading

Making Some Sense of the Election

By now, anyone interested in politics has read and/or heard a barrage of contradictory and mostly made-up explanations for the outcome of the 2016 election. Donald Trump will be our next president. Hillary Clinton will not.


(Photo from WDIV, Channel 4 in Detroit.)

Hillary won a plurality of the popular vote; not a majority, but her plurality was larger than Trump’s plurality. Loud proclamations that Hillary won the popular vote may leave the impression that a majority of Americans voted for Hillary for President, but that is not actually true. Continue reading

GPMI Election Results

5 Green Party of Michigan Candidates were elected to County and local offices in this election. 1 of these was re-elected, and the other 4 are newly elected. Jill Stein and Amaju Baraka got a little over 1% of the vote. The Green Party will be on the ballot for the general election of 2018, when we will be electing a new Governor, other state officers, and State Senators as well as State Representatives. Many county and local offices will also be on the ballot. if you are considering running for any of these, or if you want to be involved with any of the campaigns, the time to become a member and get involved with the party is now.

A one-page pdf file showing results for all 2016 candidates is available for download.

What If We Looked For Common Ground With Trump Voters?

Thought for the day: How about we find areas of agreement with Trump supporters?

DISCLAIMER: There is NO way I am suggesting that I or any other Green Party person should tolerate any kind of racism, sexism, or homophobia from the Trump camp. However, I know from experience that they are not all that way.

Please pay me the courtesy of reading this to the end, before you jump on me. Before we go any further, let me share a campaign story with you.

Midway through my campaign for the 86th District, a man and his wife came into my store. They have been customers for many years. He was excited that I was running, had read a lot of my blog posts and literature and went on for several minutes in support of my efforts. They wanted a yard sign and to take extra lit to hand out to their friends. As they were walking out the door they told me how my sign was going right next to their Trump sign.

My initial reaction was stomach turning panic. HOLY CRAP – me, next to Trump. Then my wife reminded me of several news stories we had seen when Bernie was in the race and how Trump and Sanders supporters voiced that they would support the other guy if their first choice was eliminated. It made no sense to me at the time, but I slowed my brain down and realized that there was a lot of common ground to the average person. Both were “outsiders” who did not take Corporate money (at least at first for Trump) and who were saying that the current system sucked.

I have to tell you that in my District, there were several people who voted Trump and voted for me. They do NOT fit the “stereo type” we like to assign Trump voters. I know of at least two women and the two men I know of are not trailer trash with no education. One is a retired guy who LOVES Green energy – he was bragging about his solar panels to me yesterday. The other guy is mid-30’s who works for a tech company and travels the country setting up tracking systems for medical equipment in hospitals.

I have never gotten a racist, misogynistic, or homophobic vibe from either of these guys. Nor do I think they believe we need to wall out Mexicans or ban Muslims.

Anyway, the light bulb went on for me yesterday when the older guy stopped in to congratulate me on getting 3% of the vote. He also shared how he would “sell” me to his friends by talking about Pipeline #5 because a lot of his friends own property on the Big Lake and/or are avid fisherman. Then I alerted him to the plans of Nestle to take MORE water for FREE. He was incensed and vowed to help me get the word out and offered to go with me if there was a public hearing.

What resonates with “Jim” is the fact that a SWISS Corporation with billions in assets is making multiple millions from Michigan’s best resource: Our Water.

Will I stand arm in arm with this Trump voter to stop Nestle? HELL YES!

Will I invite him to protest Pipeline 5? HELL YES!

Will I actively look for other Michigan issues that I think he and I can agree on and work together to get solved? You bet your sweet bippy I will.


Oh – by the way, here is a link to the petition I started to STOP Nestle from taking more than double the amount of water from the two aquifers they are draining. Are YOU willing to sign the same petition that has been signed by some Trump voters? I dare you!

Click here to: Sign the STOP NESTLE PETITION.