As of April 22, 2013, our mailing address is

Green Party Of Michigan
PO BOX 504
Warren, MI 48090-0504

The GPMI phone number is 313-815-2025.

Website: http://www.migreenparty.­org (redirects to current site)

General email to info@migreenparty.org

Twitter – follow @migreenparty

Facebook group (you must be a member of Facebook):

Facebook page (you must be a member of Facebook):

On the issue of high-volume fracking, GPMI  endorses the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan. Click here to download their 2014 brochure.

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Articles and comments on this blog

One rule this blog has is that articles and comments signed with an anonymous  internet pseudonym will not be published. It was never really true that on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. The NSA knows who you are in any case. For a political discussion, it simply poisons the discourse if one or both ends of a conversation is conducted by an imaginary identity instead of by identifiable real people. Do your part to prevent senseless flame wars. Leave a comment, with your actual name attached, if you’re inclined to comment.

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Keeping up with GPMI

One thing that anyone interested in the Green Party of Michigan should do is sign up for http://groups.yahoo.com/group/migreens-updates/. This is a Yahoo group which is used to distribute, as the group page says, the “Email newsletter of the Green Party of Michigan, providing information on activities, campaigns, and current events related to the Green Party.”

Just go to the page and click on “join this group,” and then enter your email address, etc. If you already have a Yahoo account, or if you establish one, you’ll also be able to access the group archives; i.e., you’ll be able to read past newsletters.

The Green Party of Michigan is qualified, by the laws of the State of Michigan, to place its candidates on the ballot for all partisan offices. This means, for the 2014 general election, our candidates for US Senate, US House of Representatives, Governor, other state-wide offices, State Senator, State Representative and partisan local offices such as County Commissioner and Township Supervisor will be on the ballot.

We have selected our 2016 candidates. Minutes of the 2016 Nominating Convention (pdf, ~200 K bytes) can be downloaded by clicking on the link above. The Certificate of Nomination from this convention (pdf, also ~200 K bytes) can also be downloaded. It should be noted that, although they appear on the Certificate of Nomination, neither Tiffany Hayden nor Maureen Sims will be on the ballot in November, due to difficulties filing their paperwork in time. The printable 2016 GPMI Slate can be downloaded (pdf, 62 KB, 1 page).

Downloadable 2016 Platform (8 pages, includes membership form):

Downloadable GPMI Bylaws June 2015

Downloadable 2016 Trifold

And, for anyone interested in government in Michigan, it is worthwhile to have for reference a copy of the Citizens’ Guide to State Government, 2017-2018 edition, published by the State of Michigan.


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