Green Party Endorses Detroit Candidates

Green Party Endorses Detroit Candidates

Wayne County Greens support Mayoral, Clerk, and City Council Candidates

Wayne County, Michigan

On Tuesday, June 13th, the Wayne County Green Party officially endorsed the candidacies of Detroit Mayoral candidate, Ingrid LaFleur; City Clerk candidate, D. Etta Wilcoxon; City Council candidate for the 1st District, James Eberheart Jr; City Council candidate for the 7th District, Joanna Underwood; and City Council At Large candidate Beverly Kindle-Walker.

Ms. Kindle-Walker has her Bachelor’s degree in Community Development and her Graduate Certificate in Public Administration, both from Central Michigan University. Her platform includes rescinding unfair ordinances, risk management oversight, and finding new revenue streams. Ms. Underwood is a lifelong resident of District 7, New Era Detroit’s political lead analyst, and co-founder of the People’s Action Committee. Her platform includes implementing New Era’s “Streets is Watching Program”, fighting for additional funding for neighborhood programs, creating new job training centers to create opportunities for Detroiters, and using more of the Hardest Hit Fund to keep residents in their homes. Mr. Eberheart currently serves on the Board of Directors for New Era Detroit as Chief Visionary/Executive Officer, and created the “Black to Reality” program serving Detroit schoolchildren in character development and social awareness. His platform includes creating youth and skill trade jobs programs, growing Black businesses and entrepreneurship, and community policing. He is running as a write-in candidate.

D. Etta Wilcoxon, JD is running for City Clerk with an impressive resume fighting for social justice and the people of Detroit. When she received her law degree from Cumberland School of Law, she was the only African-American graduate in her class. D. Etta’s Five-Point Reform platform includes additional staff training, transparency, and creating more public access to elections in the city. Ms. LaFleur is a native Detroiter committed to putting the interests and progress of Detroiters first. A graduate of Detroit Public Schools, LaFleur is a curator, artist, and arts advocate dedicated to creating a sustainable, healthy, and ever-inventing city. Her platform includes implementing the Affordability Plan to end water shut-offs, requiring companies and investors to hire more Detroit residents by strengthening the Community Benefit Agreements, investing in green energy job training, and ensuring equity in the cannabis industry. She is running as a write-in candidate. Anita Belle, leader of the Detroit Green Party says the Greens are ready to be the change the city needs. “We are honored and excited to endorse these highly qualified and excellent candidates because they have a vision for Detroit that isn’t rooted in the past. They are forward thinking, have the integrity to not be swayed or corrupted by corporate interests, and their loyalty is to the fighting spirit of Detroit.”

The Green Party of Michigan’s official platform stands for social justice, grassroots democracy, and ending the influence of money in politics. For more information or to join the Wayne County Green Party email or visit


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