February Newsletter


Wayne County Green Party Officially Launches

Local Green Party begins actively recruiting members and candidates

The Green Party of Michigan continues to grow its membership across Michigan with the launch of the newest local chapter in Wayne County.  On the agenda for the first meeting were issues concerning fossil fuels, infrastructure, public education, and recruiting candidates to run for local political offices in 2017 and 2018. Local Greens also expressed their concerns for recent issues regarding election integrity across the county and big money influences on the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Wayne County Greens will be meeting monthly on a rotating basis around the county to ensure all members can attend.  The platform of the Green Party revolves around 10 key issues such as Community-Based Economics, Sustainability, Social Justice and Equal Opportunity.  Local, State, and National Candidates of the Green Party do not accept PAC or Super-PAC donations.

Membership to the Green Party of Michigan is free; anyone interested in learning more or joining can do so via the Green Party of Michigan’s website www.migreenparty.org the Wayne County Green’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/waynecountygreens or by emailing waynecountygreens@yahoo.com. — Jennifer Kurland


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