February newsletter


Locals growing by leaps and bounds!

 The Oakland County Local was formed in Fred Vitale’s Detroit living room a few months ago and has met since. Over a year ago, Sherry A. Wells drafted a fill-in-the-blanks Sample By-laws to add to the Locals Registration form. (Contact her at sherwells@tm.net for a sample set.)
Erin Micheal Fox started the Vehicle City Greens in Flint, to cover Genesee and Shiawassee Counties. Sherry revised her Sample By-laws with some of the changes Erin proposed and they have been adapted into others’ By-laws, including the revised ones for the long-standing Detroit Greens.
Erin’s Agenda for a first meeting has also been a model and passed around as Sherry pulled together enthusiastic Greens in Macomb Co. and Jennifer V. Kurland led the Wayne County Greens into existence.
Monika Schwab drove from Jackson to attend the Detroit Greens revitalization meeting and made contact with Locals Liaison, Joe Jordan. He’s also heard from Renee Petkovich of Monroe. (Membership Manager  Rita Jacobs is the suspected yenta helping to make these matches.)
In mid-February, Sherry and Joe will drive together to Kalamazoo to form a Local and a Campus Greens there, in anticipation of our SMM there in March. They already invited members to meet for coffee with them at a Starbucks near Western Michigan and at the Central Library in the evening.
Sherry colored in a map that shows we now cover counties whose populations totals 2/3 that of the State of Michigan.
Joe can be reached at ignatiuswriter@gmail.com and Sherry at sherwells@tm.net to help you start one in your county.
By Sherry A Wells, Meeting Manager

One thought on “February newsletter

  1. Great Job Greens of Michigan…..

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