The Republican Carbon Tax Plan

A group of Reagan and Bush era Republicans, publishing in the name of a newly formed “Climate Leadership Council,” have proposed a national carbon tax and dividend coupled with a “significant rollback” of environmental regulations which seek to limit carbon dioxide emissions. If you want to read their publication directly, it can be downloaded from their website.

The poison pill in this plan is the elimination of environmental regulations. Apparently, it is not enough for them that the American oil and gas industry is exempt from the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking water Act and several other federal laws. (See–gas-exemptions-from-federal-laws.html) They also want to eliminate controls on emissions from coal-powered generating plants, mileage requirements for vehicles, and anything else that regulates emissions directly.

They would like to sell us on the notion that the carbon tax can accomplish the task all by itself. In theory, it can, provided the tax is high enough, is applied strictly and with absolutely no exemptions for the military or other government agency, absolutely no exemptions for any nation and absolutely no exemptions for any company or industry. Their publication of course does not mention the possibility of any such exemption.

The possibility of exemptions still exists. Mentioning it would not help sell their idea of “rollback” (i.e., elimination) of environmental regualations. Therefore, it is not mentioned.

There is no actual need to eliminate specific environmental regulations in order to have a carbon tax. There’s nothing inherently incompatible between the two ways of controlling emissions.

For instance, a carbon tax and mileage requirements for vehicles both push in the same direction. A carbon tax and limits on smokestack emissions for coal-burning power plants both push in the same direction. If the carbon tax has compelled automakers to exceed minimum mileage requirements and has forced utilities to shut down coal-burning plants, that’s not really a problem for the goal of reducing emissions.

Let’s picture the situation if environmental regulations have been eliminated, and then there’s a financial/economic crisis similar to to the one that happened in 2008. It did happen in 2008, and restrictions on banking intended to prevent a recurrence are being dismantled, so it’s certainly a possibility that a similar crisis will repeat.

Oh, no! Layoffs! Unemployment! Major companies losing profits and going bankrupt! Stock market crash! We have to take whatever measures are needed to revive the economy immediately! Let’s eliminate the carbon tax! it’s clearly a big drag on the economy!

Hey, there’s a crisis, so this is no time to talk about bringing back environmental regulations. Besides, the agencies that used to do inspection and enforcement have been closed down, technical experts have found different jobs, enabling laws repealed, laws repealed … it’s just impossible to put environmental regulations in place quickly.

In other words, in Phase 1, eliminate environmental regulations because with a carbon tax, they are “not needed.” Then, for Phase 2, eliminate the carbon tax. Mission accomplished.

That is, in my opinion, the intention of the Republican carbon tax plan. A carbon tax is great idea if it is in addition to environmental regulation. It’s a terrible idea if it’s just an excuse to eliminate them.

If anything in current environmental law should be rolled back, it’s  exemptions granted the oil and gas industries.

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February Newsletter


Greens growing across Michigan!

Editor’s Note

By Fred Vitale

Welcome to all the new locals formed in the past few months – Oakland County Greens, Vehicle City Greens, Wayne County Greens, West Michigan Green Party! Revitalized locals: Detroit, Washtenaw County and Up North with elections of new officers and welcomes to new members!

Survey Results

We conducted a survey of Green Party members.  133 of you responded.

The first question we asked was: What issues you wanted the Green Party to focus on in 2017?  The chart below shows your responses from the highest to the lowest number. Continue reading

February Newsletter


The Up North Green Party

The Up North Green Party local was formed over 10 years ago for Antrim, Charlevoix and Emmet counties. Last fall we hosted a CNN town hall watch party in Charlevoix to socialize and watch Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka on national TV. We organized for the presidential campaign and heard from Green candidates Celeste Bondie and Ellis Boal.

On Labor Day we gathered at the Mackinac Bridge Walk with other Greens from the Traverse area and the UP to campaign and hand out campaign literature for Stein/Baraka and collect signatures for banning fracking. (Photo by LuAnne Kozma, attached).

Our next meeting is Feb 23 at 7:00 p.m. at Horizon Books, 319 E. Mitchell St, Petoskey, MI 49770

Like us on Facebook at:

LuAnne Kozma


February Newsletter


Wayne County Green Party Officially Launches

Local Green Party begins actively recruiting members and candidates

The Green Party of Michigan continues to grow its membership across Michigan with the launch of the newest local chapter in Wayne County.  On the agenda for the first meeting were issues concerning fossil fuels, infrastructure, public education, and recruiting candidates to run for local political offices in 2017 and 2018. Local Greens also expressed their concerns for recent issues regarding election integrity across the county and big money influences on the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Wayne County Greens will be meeting monthly on a rotating basis around the county to ensure all members can attend.  The platform of the Green Party revolves around 10 key issues such as Community-Based Economics, Sustainability, Social Justice and Equal Opportunity.  Local, State, and National Candidates of the Green Party do not accept PAC or Super-PAC donations.

Membership to the Green Party of Michigan is free; anyone interested in learning more or joining can do so via the Green Party of Michigan’s website the Wayne County Green’s Facebook page or by emailing — Jennifer Kurland

February newsletter


Locals growing by leaps and bounds!

 The Oakland County Local was formed in Fred Vitale’s Detroit living room a few months ago and has met since. Over a year ago, Sherry A. Wells drafted a fill-in-the-blanks Sample By-laws to add to the Locals Registration form. (Contact her at for a sample set.)
Erin Micheal Fox started the Vehicle City Greens in Flint, to cover Genesee and Shiawassee Counties. Sherry revised her Sample By-laws with some of the changes Erin proposed and they have been adapted into others’ By-laws, including the revised ones for the long-standing Detroit Greens.
Erin’s Agenda for a first meeting has also been a model and passed around as Sherry pulled together enthusiastic Greens in Macomb Co. and Jennifer V. Kurland led the Wayne County Greens into existence.
Monika Schwab drove from Jackson to attend the Detroit Greens revitalization meeting and made contact with Locals Liaison, Joe Jordan. He’s also heard from Renee Petkovich of Monroe. (Membership Manager  Rita Jacobs is the suspected yenta helping to make these matches.)
In mid-February, Sherry and Joe will drive together to Kalamazoo to form a Local and a Campus Greens there, in anticipation of our SMM there in March. They already invited members to meet for coffee with them at a Starbucks near Western Michigan and at the Central Library in the evening.
Sherry colored in a map that shows we now cover counties whose populations totals 2/3 that of the State of Michigan.
Joe can be reached at and Sherry at to help you start one in your county.
By Sherry A Wells, Meeting Manager

February newsletter


Vehicle City Greens

Established in 2016, Vehicle City Greens is one of the newest and fastest growing locals in the state. We are committed to upholding the Four Pillars and representing the Ten Key Values. The local has added 30 new members in 2017 in a robust local recruitment effort that is focused on employing traditional community organizing tactics to effect positive political change in the area, including Metropolitan Flint and Owosso/Corunna. Vehicle City Greens serves Green Party of Michigan members in Genesee and Shiawassee Counties. – Erin Michael Fox


What is Our Movement?

Counterpunch has an article worth reading. I’m not entirely clear on why the author insists on a secondary role for what he identifies as identity politics, but the assertion is there. It’s worth discussing.

I certainly agree we should direct our energies to a few fundamental issues, rather than protesting every single day about Trump’s latest outrage. Further, we should look very hard for ways to make our demands on those issues effective. What the article recommends is pretty much the opposite of the “Indivisible” approach, which does indeed focus almost entirely on mass lobbying; i.e., pressuring rather than challenging elected officials. Continue reading