Public Schools and State Spending

On Sunday, January 29, 2017, The Detroit Free Press ran a long article about public schools written by Nancy Kaffer. I agree with almost all of the points she makes. It’s well worth reading the whole thing, and studying the map of schools which the State Reform Office has said should, according to their performance standard, be closed. Here are a few pithy excerpts from the article:

“… the state’s failure to make the city’s schools right — yeah, this one is on the state, which created the charter system and has run Detroit’s public schools for most of this century — is the biggest stumbling block in Detroit’s still-tenuous recovery …”

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What is Neoliberalism?

Watching the video will be an hour well spent.

George, in the Q & A session, starts around 51 minutes:

“…and this is also a problem for Marxism. Keynes has absolutely nothing to say about the environmental crisis, which is the biggest crisis – by far – that we confront. The Keynesian fiscal stimulus accelerates the environmental crisis. Under the Keynesian vision, just as under the neoliberal vision, salvation is indistinguishable from catastrophe. Everything that is good economically is bad environmentally because you are stimulating economic growth which is the fundamental driver of environmental destruction.”

At a little over an hour, he gets into discussing the European Green Parties, and how difficult it is to distinguish their approach from that of other leftish parties. It’s something we should no doubt be working on.