Why I am Running

Written by Sherry Wells; posted by Art Myatt

I am running for office to educate the public across Michigan about what our state government has done since the late 1990s through three Governors—Republicans and a Democrat–and will continue to do to our children’s schools unless we, the people, take them back. In most cases, going “back to the future” will retrieve the better alternatives that once existed and served us well. “New” is not always progress.

My top three priorities are:
1. To develop community involvement—not corporate ownership—in schools
2. To support wrap-around services not “high-stakes testing.”
3. To restore democracy and the election by the people of their own school boards.sherry-and-daughter-campaigning

Sherry and her daughter campaigning by bicycle

About the State Board of Education.
The 1908 and 1963 Michigan Constitutions provided for the Board. It is to be “the planning and coordinating body for all public education”and to “advise the legislature as to the financial requirements.” Governors were non-voting members.

Most recently, Gov. Snyder grabbed the Office of School Reform and Design from the Board. The Board can require accountability and transparency of for-profit charter schools, if they continue to be permitted. Redesign can promote best practices and the innovation that the charter schools claimed they were formed to do; there is no reason why such innovation could not be done in the schools that existed.

My background includes
In reverse order:

Wayne State University, Law Degree
Michigan State University, BA Education
Grand Rapids Community College, Assoc. Arts

I never missed a parent-teacher conference in over 20 years of having offspring in public schools.


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