The Green Party In Michigan is Growing


Hello – I have some great news to report AND a request to make of you.

NEWS – The Facebook page for the Green Party of Michigan is seeing more and more people taking an interest in it. We have not been hit with an INSANE amount of likes, but each and every day we see more and more people from around the Mitten checking in to see what we are all about.

YES! I love that.

REQUEST TIME – can each of you who have liked the Facebook page send out an invitation to THREE of your friends in Michigan to take a look – invite them to the Facebook page. Let them see the whole new way we offer of engaging in politics for THE PEOPLE.

Time for some Fractal Growth of the Green Party in Michigan!

Thanks for your help and support.

A Green Recruitment Video



Demonizing the Green Party Vote

by Fran Shor; posted by Art Myatt
Third parties, especially during presidential election years, are subjected to a variety of criticisms from supporters of the candidates of the duopoly and their corporate media enablers. The level of virulent denunciation in 2016 of the Green Party’s presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, by Democrats and partisans of Hillary Clinton may be a reflection of how paranoid they have become over the thought that a misogynistic and xenophobic white nationalist like Donald Trump might actually win the election. Although that is highly doubtful, especially given the demographics, the Greens have become, nonetheless, a target to be browbeaten and censured. Continue reading

Address to WSU Board of Governors 9/23

(author – Fran Shor; posted by Art Myatt)

Thank you for the opportunity to address this body. My name is Francis Shor and I am an Emeritus Professor in History at WSU. During my forty years as a faculty member here, I believe I only addressed the Board once – in 2007 when it was considering eliminating the special degree-granting program for working adults in which I taught. Unfortunately, the Board ratified, by a 6-2 vote, the very shortsighted proposal of the Administration. In the immediate aftermath, the university began losing students, ours included, and became a less accessible institution of higher learning for working adults and, also, African-Americans who had constituted a majority of students in our program and who we graduated at a much higher percentage than their younger cohorts in the traditional undergraduate programs at WSU.

However, I am not here to rehash an old mistake, but to address what is potentially a new mistake, albeit on the surface not as consequential. Continue reading

Does Hexavalent Chromium Give It That Special Flavor?

Thanks to the Environmental Working Group for making us aware of another environmental issue.

You can download the full report on hexavalent chromium (aka chromium-6) in tap water at:

and you can check the interactive map at:

When you click on a specific county, you get a listing of locations (cities) testing positive for that county. When you click on a specific location, you get a listing of specific locations tested in that city and the test results.

With the issue being so widespread – over half the population has chromium-6 in their (or I should say “our” since I am in that majority) drinking water – I have to suspect it is more of a natural occurrence than something created by industry, but this is just my guess. If actual scientists can determine where it has come from, I’d like to know. I’d especially like to know what can or should be done about it.

We’ll hear more about this.

Arcadia Power Makes Green Energy Easy

How about we take a brief break from all the politics to talk about something near and dear to our Green hearts – clean energy? My wife and I own a little mom and pop jewelry store in Lowell. We have been here since 2002. Nothing would make me happier that to have a solar array or a couple wind generators on the roof of our 3 story building – built in 1868. That is simply not in the cards right now.

However, I am pleased to tell you that our building is now a Certified Clean Energy Partner with Arcadia Power. We are basically buying RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) from Arcadia to offset the amount of energy we use in an average month. Arcadia looked at the past 12 month of bills and came up with a monthly average of kilowatts used. Then they gave us an amount that represents the difference we would pay to have our electric be provided directly by a wind farm. For us it works out to $10 a month. Continue reading

The Sower’s Way

There are huge problems trying to understand a transition to sustainable energy in terms of politics. Who is for; who is against; what corporate business models would it screw up? Oh, Jobs! Oh, Economy! Not in this election, because THIS election is CRITICAL! We have more IMMEDIATE problems to deal with!

That’s why the Green Party candidate for President is the only candidate trying to make this an issue in the election. The other candidates, supported wholeheartedly by the corporate press, ignore, evade and dismiss the issue or occasionally make rhetorical gestures not substantiated by actual policy.

Essentially, there is so much BS on the subject that trying to approach it from a political angle is like Grant’s army trying to approach Vicksburg by wading through swamps. It’s a hopeless task. We had better find another route. Continue reading

Next-level Understanding of Climate Change

I’m always on the lookout for really good articles that can tell us something new about climate change, and especially those that contain useful ideas on what to do about it. Bret Victor has recently published just such an article, “What Can a Technologist Do about Climate Change?

It’s really long, as articles published on the internet go, and very elegantly formatted. This means it won’t do you much good to look at it on a phone, because the screen is too small to read the charts, notes and other illustrations that accompany the text. It’s meant to be seen on a laptop or larger screen and, even if you have to go to a library for that, it’s worth the effort. Continue reading