Four Reasons To Vote Green Party In Michigan

Green Party 5

Why should I vote for the Green Party candidates in Michigan?

Here are four answers to that question based on the Four Pillars of the Green Party. The 4 Pillars form the foundation of the Green Party around the world, but here we are going to apply them specifically to Michigan.

  1. Ecological Wisdom – Michigan is surrounded by the most vital natural resource on the planet: Fresh Water! Sometimes I think because we live between lakes containing billions of gallons of it, we take it for granted. To our peril! Our water is being threatened every day by the interests of Big Oil and Big Business. Consider pipeline #5 under the Straits or the Nestle Water deal. Green candidates are immune to the pressure of Big Money because we cannot accept money from PACs (Political Action Committees). Period.
  2.  Social Justice – equal rights, equal access, fair treatment, and freedom from oppression for everyone is not only a pillar of the Green Party, but these ideals form the very bedrock of the Michigan Constitution. Consider the opening words: “All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their equal benefit, security, and protection.” Article 1, Section 1. Those are the opening two sentences of the Constitution. They also apply to pillar 3.
  3. Grassroots Democracy – we, the PEOPLE of Michigan are supposed to control and benefit equally from the workings of our government. (re-read Art 1 Sec 1 – I would suggest we all memorize it!) Right now our state is reeling because it is under the control of the very wealthy and/or the Political Action Committees they control. One family spends millions to influence races and policies. That is why the will of the people is ignored when it comes to things like gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana, public school funding, and even the paving of roads.
  4. Non-violence – while recognizing the right of self defense. No one is coming for your guns, but at the same time Greens promote nonviolent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree, and guide our actions toward lasting community and global peace.

In short, Green Party candidates want to restore political power and the benefits of government to ALL the people who live in Michigan and take political power away from the rich, the huge Corporations, and the PACs financed by them.

Here is a list of the candidates of the Green Party, including national, state, and county seats.


2 thoughts on “Four Reasons To Vote Green Party In Michigan

  1. Nice summary – they have my vote.

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