Meet Ben Nofs Green Party Candidate For 10th District US House

If you live in the 10th District – that would be the Thumb of Michigan – then you should get behind this ball of energy and enthusiasm. Ben blew me away at the State Convention, he got behind the podium and he was ready to rock! He is very informed on many of the most important political issues of the day and he wants to change our government for the good.

Ben 2

You can learn more about Ben by clicking here for his Facebook page: Ben Nofs 

This picture gives you a good idea what it is like for us Green folk running for office who have a job and a family and still want to make a difference in the world. We do our full time jobs, try to spend time with our family and still work on our campaign.

Ben 5

Ben does not have a war chest full of hundreds of  thousands of dollars and as a Green, he is not allowed to take PAC money – so if you are so moved, he has a Go Fund Me page where you can donate.

Ben 1


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