Invitation to Sanders Supporters

— Be a Green candidate!

The Green Party of Michigan invites you to become a Green candidate for state and local offices in 2016.

You can continue the Sanders political revolution all the way through to November by becoming a Green candidate.

The Green Party Convention for selecting candidates is Saturday, July 30 in Lansing. See for details.

To become a Green candidate is simple and free. See FAQs at:

Unlike becoming a Democratic or Republican candidate, Green candidates have principles — Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice and Non-Violence — the four pillars of the Green Party worldwide. Green candidates also pledge to accept money only from individuals. Becoming a Green candidate is free and costs what time and energy you put into it. We’ll help you with the few simple forms to get you started.

The essentials you need to know to become a Green candidate are available from:
this Dropbox document.

The Platform of the Green Party of Michigan (download the 8-page pdf from this page) advocates broad and sweeping changes to our state to make the four pillars real and living. It aligns very well with much of Sen. Sanders’ platform. The Green Party national website ( has up to date press releases and other sources on Green political principles.

There is a list of questions to better help you and the Green Party understand one another. It is called a vetting questionnaire and is available from:  another Dropbox document.

Greens are prevented by law from adding any candidates after the last day of our convention, July 31 at noon, so we need to hear from you soon.

You can reach our elections coordinator John LaPietra at:

Please contact him or the Green Party with any questions at:

Green Party of Michigan FB Page:
Green Party of Michigan FB Group:

Fred Vitale
Green Party of Michigan


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