Spoiling an Election

We will be told that the Libertarian candidate will steal votes from Trump, and the Green Party candidate will steal votes from Hillary. We will be told these minor party candidates might spoil the election for the “real” candidates. We will be told about “spoiling” the election over and over again. “Spoiling the election” is so common a phrase, we might think it’s just common sense – unless we exercise a bit of critical thinking about the concept.

Let’s look at one particular instance of the “spoiler” meme: Will Jill Stein take votes from Hillary in this election? Continue reading


Invitation to Sanders Supporters

— Be a Green candidate!

The Green Party of Michigan invites you to become a Green candidate for state and local offices in 2016.

You can continue the Sanders political revolution all the way through to November by becoming a Green candidate.

The Green Party Convention for selecting candidates is Saturday, July 30 in Lansing. See http://www.migreenparty.org/ for details.

To become a Green candidate is simple and free. See FAQs at: http://www.migreenparty.org/chairpersons-corner

Unlike becoming a Democratic or Republican candidate, Green candidates have principles — Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice and Non-Violence — the four pillars of the Green Party worldwide. Green candidates also pledge to accept money only from individuals. Becoming a Green candidate is free and costs what time and energy you put into it. We’ll help you with the few simple forms to get you started.

The essentials you need to know to become a Green candidate are available from:
this Dropbox document.

The Platform of the Green Party of Michigan (download the 8-page pdf from this page) advocates broad and sweeping changes to our state to make the four pillars real and living. It aligns very well with much of Sen. Sanders’ platform. The Green Party national website (www.gp.org) has up to date press releases and other sources on Green political principles.

There is a list of questions to better help you and the Green Party understand one another. It is called a vetting questionnaire and is available from:  another Dropbox document.

Greens are prevented by law from adding any candidates after the last day of our convention, July 31 at noon, so we need to hear from you soon.

You can reach our elections coordinator John LaPietra at: jalp_z@yahoo.com

Please contact him or the Green Party with any questions at:

Green Party of Michigan FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/migreens/
Green Party of Michigan FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/18081913069/

Fred Vitale
Green Party of Michigan

FAQs – Green Party & 2016 Election

Green issues

• Is Jill Stein the Green nominee?
• Will Bernie supporters who “Go Green” be welcome in the Green Party?
• Can Bernie run as a Green if he doesn’t win the Democratic nomination?
• Aren’t the Green platform and Bernie’s platform the same?
• Why does the Green Party nominate candidates for president?
• Why isn’t the Green Party on the ballot in my state?
• Will the Green Party spoil in 2016?
• Shouldn’t we vote for the lesser-evil Democrat?
And more…

Please click on http://www.gp.org/faq to get answers to these national questions.

FAQS about Michigan and the 2016 Elections

1. Can I vote for the Green Party in Michigan?

Yes you can. The Green Party of Michigan will be on the November ballot. There will be candidates for several offices. Not all offices will have candidates. If you are interested in becoming a candidate, please contact us.

Green candidates will be on the General Elections in November along with all the candidates of the Republican and Democratic parties, and the other minor parties, and the presidential candidates. This will be a big year for voting; there will be a lot of attention paid by millions of Michiganders to the ballot and candidates.

2. Why are all the other candidates on the August 2 ballot?

All the Democratic and Republican candidates must participate in the August 2 Primary Election. It’s called a Primary Election because the Democratic and Republican parties choose their candidates through the August 2 Primary Election for the November General Election. The major parties have total control over their primary process. Greens do not.

The Presidential Primary Election for Michigan was held in March. Greens were forbidden from participating in that election.

Greens are forbidden by state law from participating in the August 2 primary election as well. We are forced to determine our candidates, again, by law, through a state convention or county caucuses. Our State Convention is July 30-31 in Lansing.

3. Can anyone become a Green Party candidate?

Yes. Only if you participate as a Democratic or Republican candidate in the August 2 Primary Election, are you forbidden from becoming a Green Party candidate. Any resident may become a Green Party candidate. If you are interested in becoming a candidate, please contact us.

4. Is it hard to run as a Green candidate?

It is simple and free to become a Green candidate. Most people conceive of a Green campaign as a Green version of a Democratic or Republican campaign. That is not true. A Green campaign looks much more like the work that activists are doing now: talking with people, organizing, educating and building grassroots organizations. As a candidate, the attention paid to your cause is enhanced by you speaking and acting as a candidate of and for the movement, beholden only to the people.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Green Party candidate, please contact us. We can help with the necessary paperwork. We have fundraising ideas and experience with campaign finance reporting.

5. Why should I run as a Green candidate?

You will be able to talk with people in places ordinarily closed to us. It is often possible to campaign where other types of political campaigning are forbidden. You may speak at candidate forums or to block clubs and neighborhood associations. You will have opportunities to express your opinions in online questionnaires and surveys which compare candidates. Many of these opportunities are free.

The elections provide a very large public forum to raise your ideas. You add further weight to them by being a candidate. Being a candidate does not cost the candidate any money. Only what time and resources you want to devote to the campaign. The Green Party will print a Slate Card of all the Green candidates which campaigns can use. We have available other resources to help with web pages, social media and other largely free methods for putting your issues into the elections in your voice.

6. When can I vote for Greens?

Green candidates are on one ballot — the general elections November ballot — along with all the candidates of the Republican and Democratic parties, and the other minor parties, and the presidential candidates. This will be a big year for voting; there will be a lot of attention paid by millions of Michiganders to the ballot and candidates.

7. Can electing Greens create profound changes in society?

Elected Greens cannot create the transformations to create a new society aligned with the key values. That requires much more than elections. Elected Greens, and other progressive elected officials, can create improvements in peoples’s lives and conditions for greater advances. Green candidates and supporting Green candidates can inspire and unify movements.

8. What offices can I run for in Michigan in 2016?

All fourteen Congressional seats are on the ballot; all 110 Michigan House of Representatives seats; dozens of County seats as well. Furthermore, there are many other races for offices not listed by party – non-partisan offices such as School Board.

Running for such offices as a Green gives you Green Party support as well as an opportunity to advance your grassroots issues, confront obstacles publicly and offer clear solutions in a large public forum. People all over the world use elections in this way. Sanders has shown that it is possible in the United States. Let’s take advantage of this year. If you would like to learn more about being a Green Party candidate, please contact us.

If you have any questions about the Green Party, please send them to: freddetroit@gmail.com.