Flying to a hotter planet

Peter Kalmus presents, in his yes! magazine article, a serious point of view on the issue of flying Рand flying is an issue, or should be, for anyone who understands that globalwarming/climate change/carbon emission is a problem. Of particular interest is the method by which he came to the conclusion that, if he personally wanted to minimize his personal contribution to global warming, the first thing he should do is stop flying for any reason. Continue reading


Car Culture Poisons Flint

It may seem that we’ve already heard all there is to hear about what went so wrong that Flint’s water system poisoned Flint residents. In reality, there’s much more to hear, and much more needs to be done to fix the issues that are fixable. Some problems, like children whose development is already damaged because of lead, can’t actually be fixed. Some, like corrosive water in the Flint River, can.

So whose fault is it? It’s the fault of the Genesee County Road Commission. This sounds completely illogical if you’ve never heard the idea before, but keep reading for a few short paragraphs and you’ll see why it’s true.¬† Continue reading

Dr. Mona on How to Help Flint

A short time ago, there were inquiries from greens in various parts of the country asking GPMI what they could do to help Flint’s water crisis. We did not have any immediate great advice to give them. It seemed obvious that numerous charitable efforts to send drinkable water made sense. At the same time, it’s clear that piling up mounds of discarded water bottles makes this at best a very temporary measure and not at all sustainable.

Last Saturday, February 6, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha came to Royal Oak to address an interested crowd of 200 or so people about her take on the situation. She is the head of the Pediatrics Department at Flint’s Hurley Hospital.

Her testing, tracking and publicizing the doubling of the number of children in Flint who have dangerous levels of lead in their blood since Flint’s Emergency Manager decided to switch to the Flint River for a water source was the essential element that forced general recognition of a real and consequential public health issue. If any one individual is equipped to understand and comment on the Flint water crisis, she is.¬† Continue reading